Total Baby Sleep

All the major baby sleep methods in one book.

  • How much do you miss a good, peaceful nights sleep?
  • How many times, and for how long are you getting up each night?
  • Are you irritable, moody and quick to lose your temper?
  • Do you find yourself forgetting simple things?
  • How much would you pay someone to get a good nights rest?
  • Can you even remember when you last had a peaceful nights sleep?
  • How would it feel if all the family slept really well?


Does this sound familiar?


Millions of parents including Madonna, Pierce Brosnon, Michelle Pfieffer and Jack Byrnes from Meet the Fockers followed specific sleep training methods, here’s what they did…

Every day, families are enjoying the bliss of quiet and peaceful bedtimes while saying goodbye to the never ending pain of sleepless nights. Total Baby Sleep gives you every single major sleep method – in one book! Other families have bought books, only to find their children are not suited to that technique. We give you every system in one book and additional research on the internet.

With Total Baby Sleep you’ll have the most comprehensive information on children’s sleep techniques – ever – all at your fingertips. We’re not aware of anything else like this on the market.



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Enjoy a putting your child to be with no stress at all – Guaranteed

The Writers and Methods in the book

Why this offer is Risk Free

The world’s most respected sleep trainers in one book. And much more!

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Total Baby Sleep is the only and most comprehensive guide to sleep methods and techniques in the world.

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Get your child to sleep peacefully and quickly – Guaranteed.

  • We’ll give you all the techniques you need to get your child to sleep using any method – all at your fingertips.
    You’ll be able to select and use the techniques you’re most comfortable with.
    You can change method to suit your child; something you’re not able to do when you buy one book or stick to one method.
    Our team constantly update the book and you’ll be sent updates every year – completely free of charge – forever.
    We guarantee your family’s sleep will improve immeasurably.
    All of these methods are tried and tested, proven to work.
    You’ll get amazing results or your money back in 60 days, no quibble, iron clad guarantee


Don’t just take our word for it, see what these famous people are saying about sleep training and how it helped them:

20 References of famous parents and sleep training


List of the Sleep Training Techniques here: CIO and non-CIO.


What would you pay if you were granted a great night’s sleep every night a few days from now?

How much would it be worth to not be: moody, snappy, irritable, anxious, tired, unhappy, fighting with your partner, shouting at the kids for no reason.

You children need sleep for these important reasons:


Get yourself and your family a peaceful night’s sleep guaranteed – you deserve it. Sleep is an absolute must for their mental, emotional and physical development

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